Please keep in mind that there are stages to your brows healing, trust the process! 
Follow up touchup(s) is crucial to complete the procedure and obtain the ideal results, each client’s skin responds differently to microblading, not everyones brows heal clean and crisp, oilier skin types will heal more powdery and less defined than dryer skin types.


The absolute best results come from keeping your brows extremely DRY for the next 10 days. Keeping them dry makes them retain more detail, better color, and more crisp strokes, so it's totally worth it, we know it may sound tricky but as long as your mindful and stay aware then it can be done, here's how...



(7-10 DAYs)

This information acts as a guideline only.

Results will vary for all individuals and we can not guarantee your results.


• Use a clean pillow cover every night to prevent bacteria build up from entering your skin. Sleep on your back! Rubbing your brows on pillows may cause scabs to come off and produce patchy brow healing.

 • Use the after care cream first night and the next morning. Apply a VERY SMALL amount on the brows using a very clean finger or Q-tip. 

• Do not get your brows wet for the next 10-12 days  and avoid putting your face directly under the shower head.

This includes saunas, steam rooms/baths or sweat.

 • After the 24-48 hour healing period, moisturize your brow tattoo as needed for the next 2 weeks whenever they feel dry or tight. You do not want any build up of the cream so an almost translucent layer is best, apply just enough product to moisten them, if your brows still visibly have product on, there is no need to apply more. Too much product will also cause the scab to lift prematurely and affect the healing process.

• Do not wipe off aftercare ointment from your eyebrows, doing so can cause the scab to fall off prematurely.

Let the ointment absorb into the skin on its own.

• DO NOT pick, scratch or rub your scabs AT ANY POINT during

the healing process.

• Avoid facial cleansers or soap on brows until all scabbing falls off. We recommend using wash cloths or face wipes to remove makeup and  cleanse face but you must avoid the brow area.

• Do not wear ANY makeup over your brows or brow area

for AT LEAST 14 days.

• Avoid working out or sweating profusely until after 10 days.

Salt in your sweat will draw the pigment out.

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